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Glance to our Health Program


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Second-Degree Health Center in Birqod District

Isdabadag Village.



Construction of Maternity Waiting Homes.

SDA Constructed five Maternity Waiting Homes for Erer, Lagahida, Muli, Garbo, Sagag, Eel-kari and Eshia districts.

Health Trainings conducted.

SDA Conducted BEMONC and Comprehensive family planning trainings in jig-jiga city administration.




Mini-Clinics in Jig-Jiga and Tog-wajale City Administration Schools.

SDA continuously provides medicine supplies and menstruation management services to 6 Mini-Clinics in Jig-Jiga and Tog-wale City Administration Schools to deliver first aid health and menstruation management services during teaching and learning process.

Number of Beneficiaries: A total of 820 students (320 male and 500 female) benefited.

Project lifetime: 1 year