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Glance to our Emergency Program

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Somali Development Association (SDA)

Has delivered food donations to 200 families

in Lanjalelo village in Danod district, Dollo Zone.

During activities: March 2022.

The Somali Development Agency (SDA)

has donated food consisting of rice, pasta

and oil to the people affected by the drought

in Tog-dhero village in Qalafe district, Shabele Zone.

And 200 families benefited.

During activities:  March 2022.



The Somali Development Association (SDA)

has delivered Fodder to the people affected by

the drought in Elele District in Shabelle Zone.

Number of Beneficiary is 520 Families.

During activities: March 2022.



Water Trucking Emergency in Adadle District

SDA carries out water trucking for drought affected

communities some villages in Adadle district of

Shabelle region

The total number of beneficiaries is 850 families.

During activities: 2 Months.


SDA Implemented Water Trucking Emergency

in Danan District of Shabele Zone

to minimize lack of water and save the lives

of the drought affected pastoralists.

Number of Beneficiaries:

total of 540 Households benefited

Duration of the activity: Two month



Water Trucking Emergency in Adadle District

Todob village in Adadle district of Shabelle Zone

is an arid area with no water sources for the residents.

therefore, water trucking was provided by the

Somali Development Association Agency (SDA).

by providing these drought-affected people

with a steady supply of water.




Donation of animal grass in pastoralists

of Danan District.

SDA, has donated Animal fodder to the

pastoralists affected by the drought in some

villages in Danan District, in Shabele Zone.

The total number of beneficiaries is 643 households.

Duration of the activity: February 2022.



Emergency Supplementary feeding project for Garlogube and Yucub Kabales

SDA Implemented a project entitled’’ three Months emergency supplementary feeding programme for malnourished IDPs children

The programme was composed of several components which provision of nutrient food stuffs, education services and donation of education supplies among these.

Number of beneficiaries: A total of 1,200 internal

Donation of Blankets for poor families living in Jig-jiga City Administration.

SDA Donated Blankets for Poor families living in Jig-jiga city administration through SYMO.

Number of Beneficiaries: 57

Duration of the operation: 1 month



Donation of three (3) water tankers.

SDA donated three (3) water tankers (ROTO) to Dollo Zone especially severely drought affected areas.